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By Elmore Leonard

Raylan by Elmore Leonard


By Elmore Leonard

HarperCollins; January 2012

The hero Marshal Raylan Givens, who is the main character in books of Elmore Leonard like Pronto, Riding the Rap, and the hit FX series Justified, is brought back in this latest novel.







Author Elmore Leonard

Elmore Leonard

Elmore Leonard was born on October 11, 1925 in New Orleans. After the war, in which Elmore served in the navy, he started his writing career as an ad writer, but in his spare time he wrote Western stories, which he managed to sell to all kinds of pulp magazines.

By 1950 Elmore Leornard had written five western novels and thirty short stories. In 1957 two of Elmore's short Western stories were adapted for film, The Captives which was filmed as The Tall T, and Three Ten to Yuma.

In 1966 Elmore Leonard's writing career really took off, when he sold his novel Hombre to the movies. Hombre was filmed with Paul Newman as the leading character, and it became a huge success. After writing three movies for Hollywood, Elmore started to write novels again, not westerns, but crime stories, mostly situated in Detroit,

Raylan is Elmore's 45th novel.


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