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The Redbreast
By Jo Nesbo

The Redbreast

The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo

By Jo Nesbo

HarperCollins; January 2012

One of Jo Nesbo's main characters, alcoholic, error-prone detective Harry Hole, returns in this book about a dark episode of Norway's past, the collaborating of members of the government with Nazi Germany. As disgraced old soldiers are one by one being murdered, detective Harry Hole must make his way safely past the traps and mirrors of a twisted criminal mind.

National Socialism figures prominently in The Redbreast. The action switches between Norway in 2000 and the Eastern Front in world war 2 with a unit of Norwegians fighting for the Germans. The book gives us a picture of the National Socialist movement, past and present, in Norway.





Author Jo Nesbo

Jo Nesbo

Jo Nesbo was born 29 March 1960 in Oslo, Norway, but grew up in Molde. Beside being a well known writer, he is also known, mainly in Norway, as the lead singer and songwriter of the Norwegian rock band Di Derre. He also was a talented footballer, but had to give that up because he broke his ankle.His writing career started In the late nineties when he was asked to write a documentary about a tour in Australia. While sitting in the plane, he got an idea for a novel, started to write it, and finished it when he was back in Norway.The resulting book, The Bat was published in 1997 and became an instant success. Jo Nesbo went on to write 8 more novels with as a leading character detective Harry Hole.

The detective Harry Hole books:
The Bat, The Cockroaches, The Redbreast, Nemesis, The Devilís Star, The Redeemer, The Snowman, The Leopard and Phantom.




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