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Left Neglected
By Lisa Genova

Left Neglected by Lisa Genova

Left Neglected

By Lisa Genova

Simon & Schuster; January 2011

A right hemisphere brain injury is a serious disorder that can affect the left side view of the patient. The left no longer exists for the patient, left leg, left hand, anyone and anything on the left. This is called "Left-side neglect"
Sarah Nickerson leads a hectic life. A Harvard graduate, she is the vice president of human resources at Berkley Consulting, a mother of three young children, and wife to husband Bob. Then one day she crashes her car which leaves her with a right hemisphere brain injury.

Download Left Neglected
By Lisa Genova

Left Neglected

Author Lisa Genova

Lisa Genova

Lisa Genova was born November 22, 1970 in Waltham, Massachusetts. After graduating Waltham High School in 1988, she went to Bates College in Maine. She graduated valedictorian of her class with a BS in Bio psychology in 1992. She also got a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Harvard University in 1998.

Lisa Genova's first novel, Still Alice, about someone suffering from Alzheimer's disease, was published in 2007. Her second novel, Left Neglected, followed in 2011. She is currently working on her third novel, Love Anthony, about autism, which will be published in 2013.

Lisa Genova is married and she lives with her husband and two children in Cape Cod

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