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How To Win Competitions
By Sherry Sjolander


How To Win Competitions

Everything You Need to Know to Win a Fortune

How To Win Competitions by Sherry Sjolander

By Sherry Sjolander

Allen & Unwin; July 2008

Every year in Australia billions yes billions of dollars worth of cash and prizes are up for grabs, cash and prizes you could be in the running for!

You've seen those little stickers on everything from your tissue box to the cat's dinner and that DVD you rented the other night, almost begging you to try your luck.

But if you're like most people once you're done with it you just toss the pack in the bin without a moment's thought.

But what are you really throwing away? There are people out there just like you that are flying to tropical islands first class, lazing on pristine beaches sporting their newly-won designer sunnies and tucking in to free a la carte dinners all because they took a second look.

Ready to take the challenge? Then How to Win Competitions is the book for you.

This easy-to-follow, comprehensive handbook is packed with everything you need to know about entering (and winning!) competitions. Loaded with clever hints, tricks and new ideas this fabulous 'how-to' guide is a must-have for experienced compers and novices alike.

There's money and prizes galore out there and they're yours for the taking so get comping and get winning!

How To Win Competitions
By Sherry Sjolander

How To Win Competitions

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