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Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit
By Robert D. Wray

Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit

Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit by Robert D. Wray

By Robert D. Wray

Rutgers University Press; October 2008

Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit offers useful, up-to-date information for anyone who enjoys being and working outdoors and is seeking a profitable hobby or small business venture.

This updated fourth edition by Robert D. Wray now includes the latest techniques and tools for harvesting trees, new methods of transport, the most recent data on herbicides, and advice on how to run a Christmas-tree business today.

A perennial bestseller—previous editions have sold over 10,000 copies—this illustrated guide covers selecting land, choosing species, planting, harvesting, and managing a plantation.

Wray provides advice on species suitable for the grower’s situation, where and how to get planting stock, and how to care for it. The planting process is described in detail, including both hand and machine methods.

Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit presents useful techniques for protecting the growing trees from weeds, animals, fire, insects, and disease, and offers a full description of shearing or shaping trees to improve their form and density—keys to a successful crop.

As the grower’s job is not done until the trees are sold, issues of grading, harvesting, advertising, and marketing are examined. A chapter on finances deals with costs, profits, and taxes.

From novice to experienced grower, there is something in this book for everyone.


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