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The Beach - A Photography Haven

The Beach - A Photography Haven


The Beach - A Photography Haven

The beach scene is one of the most commonly photographed because the beach is a naturally beautiful location and also because people on the beach are usually relaxing and are casually having loads of fun. This makes it possible for photographers to choose between portrait photography, landscape or a combination. Beach photography therefore is versatile with a ton of options from the photographer's perspective.

Beach photography is mostly about movement because you always have the moving waters in the background. It is vital that the photographer knows how to balance the stillness of the image with the movement of water. You would easily be able to master this if you keep the motion and the amount of it in memory when clicking pictures. When there is a lot of motion, this will actually overshadow the parts that are not in movement and so the pictures need to be clicked when the water is not much in motion.

The lighting in the beach photography solely depends on natural lighting. Many a times there is the brightness of natural sunlight causing issues with the pictures. However, people have started getting used to his interference. It is vital to remember that white sand can cause a lot of drastic effects to the photos because it has the tendency of causing a glare. This issue may result in the pictures not conveying the message well. In order to avoid this situation, it is better to click pictures either in the morning or evening because this is when the sun's rays are oblique and thereby reducing the glare effect.

Portraying the beautiful contrast between the clouds and water on a cloudy day is made possible by turning on the cloudy feature of the camera. The images are sure to look amazing and will give you a dramatic effect. You may even be lucky to capture the formations of the clouds on the blue sky if the sky is not too overcast.

It is important to only capture as much of the background to allow the mood to be set because the sea is never-ending and flat. You would be doing injustice to both the subject and landscape if you try to go 50-50 with the picture. Focusing on the subject is very important.

A wide angled lens will help capture the open beach beautifully. You would be able to achieve a 3D effect to the photo with a small lens where you get the illusion of the sea stretching away beyond eyes reach. Using a wide-angle lens will allow you to keep everything in focus if you are shooting the beach. The subject, if being included, may seem far away because of the use of a wide-angle lens and so moving closer to the subject will do the trick.

It is vital to do a lot of experiments in order to learn beach photography as it is a matter of perspective. You can only achieve the knowledge of how to use the vast expanse of the sea and the flatness by experimenting with the depth and distance.


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